The Silverman Concert Who, What, When, Where, & How

Sidebar 2: Who, What, When, Where, & How

Performances: Robert Silverman
Production/Editing/Engineering: John Atkinson, with Robert Harley
Executive Producer: Larry Archibald
Concert Organizer: Ralph Johnson
Road Manager: Danny Sandoval
Piano Technician: Charles Rempel
Emergency Piano-Stool Repair: Gorm Damborg
Photographs: John Atkinson

Venue: The First United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Recording Dates: November 6 & 8, 1992; November 5, 1993.
Steinway D piano: supplied by Riedling Music Company, Albuquerque, NM.

Microphones: two B&K 4006 ½" omnidirectionals with black (diffuse-field) grids.
Microphone preamplifiers: EAR 824 (1992-I), Meitner (1992-II), Sonosax (1993).
Cables: AudioQuest Lapis balanced, fitted with AudioQuest XLRs, to mike preamps; Beyerdynamic balanced microphone cable to recorder.
Recorder: Revox PR99 ¼", two-track, open-reel recorder.
Playback: Ampex ATR-100 ¼", two-track, open-reel recorder, restored by Mike Spitz (ATR Service Company) and modified by Robert Harley, with the invaluable help of Steve Hogan (Jensen Transformers), Jerry Ziss (Analog Devices), Steve McCormack (McCormack Audio), and John Curl.
Tape: Maxell XL-1 & UD-XL (1992), Ampex 456 (1993).

Editing/Mastering: Analog original transfered to digital with the Manley/UltraAnalog 20-bit A/D Converter; edited with 20-bit resolution on the Sonic Solutions hard-disk editing system; mastered and redithered to 16-bit resolution using the Meridian 618 Mastering Converter.

Special thanks to: David and Eveanna Manley; Ed Meitner (Museatex); Bob Stuart (Meridian); Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries); Bill Low (AudioQuest); Hudson's Audio, Menaul Avenue, Albuquerque, NM; Harry Hook, First United Methodist Church Fine Arts Series; the staffs of Stereophile and Albuquerque's First United Methodist Church, for their time and enthusiasm; and to Wilson Audio Specialties; MIT; Expressive Technology; Apogee Electronics, Inc.; Sennheiser; Melos; Stax; Audio Alchemy; Meridian; and Madrigal Laboratories, whose components were used in the monitoring and editing.