SigTech TF 1120 Time Field Acoustic Correction System Specifications

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Digital acoustic equalization system: Inputs: AES/EBU XLR, S/PDIF RCA, AT&T (ST) optical. Sampling rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz. Optional analog inputs with 20-bit sigma-delta ADCs: balanced XLR with adjustable sensitivity from –4dBu to +24dBu and 15k ohms input impedance; single-ended RCA with adjustable sensitivity from –8dBu to +20dBu and 10k ohms input impedance. Frequency response: 10Hz–21kHz, +0, – .5dB. Dynamic range: 103dB unweighted. Outputs: AES/EBU XLR, S/PDIF RCA, AT&T (ST) optical. Optional Analog outputs use 20-bit, 8x-oversampling DAC with noiseshaping. Frequency range: 10Hz–21kHz, +0, – .5dB. Dynamic range: 105dB unweighted. Balanced output DC level: <5nV. Output symmetry error: better than –50dB. Digital signal processor: 250 MIPS DSP engine with 48-/56-bit precision, 2472 taps/channel at 44.1kHz, 2232 taps/channel at 48kHz. Digital filter delay: <2ms. Filter memories: four sets of memories in programmable FLASH memory. Program memory: Firmware stored in FLASH memory, field upgrades under PC control. Power consumption: 63VA.
Dimensions: 17" W by 3.5" H by 13" D. Weight: 15lb.
Serial number of unit tested: 2313.
Prices: TF 900D (with digital I/O and single acoustic correction memory, S/PDIF I/O format), $5590; TC 920D (with additional AES/EBU, SDIF, and AT&T inputs), $6090; TC 900 A (with analog input only, 18-bit A/D and D/A converters, and single-ended I/O format), $5990; TC 920A (analog I/O with 20-bit ADC Sigma-Delta DAC and balanced XLR and single-ended inputs), $6590; TF 1120 D-F (with digital I/O, three acoustic correction memories, AES/EBU, S/PIDF, AT&T digital inputs, and 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling rates), $6690; TF1120A-F (same features as TF 1120 D-F, with additional analog I/O), $7190; TF 1120D+AD-F (with digital I/O and analog in same features as T1120D-F, plus analog in and 20-bit ADC), $7990; TF 1120B-F (with digital and analog I/O), $8590 ; TF1120B-RPCM (studio-type measurement and correction unit, with digital and analog I/O, built-in microphone preamp, studio-grade omnidirectional microphone and calibration software; requires Windows-compatible PC with 8-bit, half-size IBM-type expansion slot and EGA/VGA graphics), $10,990. All models include new installation services. Power consumption: 63VA. Approximate number of dealers: 6. Product no longer available in 2021.
Manufacturer: Cambridge Signal Technologies, Inc., 24 Thorndike Street, Cambridge, MA 02141 (1996); 95 Fulkerson St, Cambridge, MA 02141 (company no longer trading, 2021),

Cambridge Signal Technologies, Inc.
(company no longer trading, 2021)