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Shrinking Recommended Components

The Recommended Components part of Stereophile has unfortunately been shrinking over the last two years. The current issue's version has eliminated several sections that were found in earlier versions. The April '09 issue had sections on recording equipment, room acoustics treatments and cables and interconnects. In addition to these sections, the Oct. '07 issue also had sections on miscellaneous accessories, power-line accessories, "stands, spikes, feet and racks," FM antenna, and FM tuners. I remember in still earlier issues there were sections on recommended reference books.

While some of these are more important than others, certainly some of them are indeed important.

I suppose the disappearance of sections is due to a lack of advertising to support the sections. I also imagine it requires a great deal of time to write and fact check these sections. However, it would be nice if at least a few of them were in existence on this web site.


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Re: Shrinking Recommended Components

Hi Toussaint.
Twice a year, we prepare the entire "Recommended Components" list, including all of the sections you've mentioned. The sections we couldn't fit in the issue will be posted to the website soon.

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