Show Report Coming Soon!

Stereophile will be reporting live from the show in Denver!

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Although I have been an amateur audiophile for nearly 25 years now, this was my first visit to such an event. I live near Montreal, so this show was a natural place to start. I'll be brief in my comments. I spent most of my time in the room's where the hi-fi stuff is. In my opinion," no one's set-up even came close to Verity Audio's amazing demonstration of what benchmark reproduction is all about. The Lohengrin loudspeakers are the best I have auditioned since the Wilson Grand Slam's at a MTL area retailer.The ""full-metal jacket"" McIntosh set-up demo came in second", far...far behind Verity's.

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This year market the second visit in two years to the FSI. We were really moved by three systems. First, the Egglestonworks La Fontaines which featured affordable Rogue electronics and stratospheric kables from Kubala ... very natural and airy sound with the ability to convey real emotion, albeit lacking in the lower octaves. Second mention goes to the Revelation Audio room on the eigth floor where the new Mistral series speakers running off relatively modest gear from Naim, Whest, Exposure and Odyssey with modest cables where able to convey a very involving and palpable experience on vocals, strings and piano. While listening to their magic on classical music, I remember one gentleman sitting next to me saying that the sound we were experiencing there reminded him of the best horns he had ever heard, and this coming from a cone speaker! Very impressive indeed. Lastly, the Black Swan from Gershman wins the dynamics category. Simply no contest here! First hand transparency and musicality, thank you!

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Any Rosemarie sitings?

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Shameless, Stu. Shameless.

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We are ready for postings

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Have you heard the Emotiva amps.

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Yes. I heard them at the end of the second day of the show. Report to come... slowly. Please check back over the next few days as John and I continue to write and post.

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How is the attendance.

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Highlight has been the 392 bit remaster of Yessongs played through a 1/4 watt SET with silver tipped tubes.

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Just posted some more stories (Monday morning), but there will be a short hiatus while we all travel home today. Lots more to come.

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Loved the show, well attended but not crowded,high light of the show was meeting Mikey in the channel D room. Thanks to all who came to Jacksonville to share their products and music

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Michael asked "How is the attendance?" Official attendance was in the neighborhood of 2000 "people-days," which equates to 600-700 visitors each attending for up to 3 days. That sounds about right from my own observations of the hotel's corridors and rooms. That puts the first Axpona at about one third the size of the 2009 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, which is not bad for a new Show in a new venue.

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BogdanAudioCretions speakers anybody ???