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Shock and Awe

Utah 21, Alabama 0, 10 minutes into the first quarter. Alabama is "home," in the Sugar Bowl. Their only blemish is a 31-20 loss to Florida, who will play Oklahoma next Thursday in the BCS (designated) "Championship" bowl for the national title.

Utah hangs on, and wins the game 31-17. They sack Alabama QB John Parker Wilson 8 times (never play football if you have 3 names... but that's the way of the good ol' boys, I guess -- Yee, haw! Billy Joe Bob and Jimmy Joe John, time to slop the hawgs...).

Seriously. As you all know, I am a Utah alumnus (BA, '62 -- or was it '63??). I deserve the above gloat, since the Alabama coach said Utah's 12-0 record didn't count because they weren't a member of a BCS (designated -- the massive passive, once again) conference. Well, Mr. Skip-to-muh-Lou-Sabin, how do you feel about the Utes and the Mountain West Conference NOW?

So, what does this have to do with audio?

Never believe the hype. Show up live and see and hear what's what on the three-dimensional REAL field of play.

I won $500 (minus the vig) betting Utah as a 10-and-a-half point underdog.

I am ashamed that I didn't bet 10 large. Still, I may buy one o' them Alabama Elephants (whatever that has to do with "Crimson Tide," I'll never know -- nor do I wish to...) and hang 'im over the tailpipe of my Honda.

Happy tunes, all, and happy New Year.

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