Shindo Aurieges Equalizer Amplifier Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: If I had known this unit was coming for measurements, I would have changed my old, worn-out tubes for new ones. No surprise it was a bit noisy, it's got thousands of hours on it with the original tubes.—Jonathan Halpern, Tone Imports

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How is it loaded with the resistors on the Lundahls? What is the gain? What cartridges did you use it with? EMT? Shindo? SPU? Where was the Masseto volume control at, with your amps at their typical gain position? There just isn't enough info here about what gear it would work well with?

Despite the ability to play 78's and do mono, it appears to be specifically targeted to the Aurieges-L or Vosne - Romanee with the SPU Shindo cartridge. It just seems way too limited to me vs. using a SUT in most other cases.