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Sex sells

Of course, I took note of the cover of this month's audiophile 'rolling stone', ie the forum's namesake.

I noted that sex sells, specifically when you have an audience that subliminally runs their collective backsides in an unconscious manner that fits this story/study exactly.

Monkey 'Pay Per View' Study

Researches have found that monkeys will 'pay' juice rewards to see images of high-ranking monkeys or female hindquarters. They say their research technique offers a rigorous laboratory approach to studying the "social machinery" of the brain.

In essence the cover MUST have giant a imposing penis/totem of sorts, specifically one where the image is taken at an imposing angle (re the psychology), in order to sell well. This particular issue is moving off the local shelf faster than normal (yes I pay that kind of attention). There are things like moon cycles to pay attention to as well for the full moon cycle was also happening at the same time, which reinforces the intensity of such things as stated in the above mentioned article - a long story there.

The point being..that some folks don't like the fact that a 'big ticket item' dominates the front cover of most audio magazines. They seem to not understand what sells to the average man, specifically any man -and this, on the subliminal level. This point is quite critical. The above study should clear that point about human psychology and it's origins..and who is running the show, unconsciously I might add.

Who be dat?

Well, It's your backside, you ninny. Your ass has ALWAYS been running the show and the intellect(that thin sheen riding on top of the thing), for all it's musings, for all it's shenanigans and useless barking and fretting ..really isn't in control - it never was.

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