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Setup Help w/ JBL 4311s

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I've had a pair of JBL 4311's for a long time now and love them. Looking to upgrade my whole setup. First thing off the bat I need some advice on the JBL placement. Been looking at different speaker stands for days. These Deer Creek stands seem to be the go to's, my fear though is that the height is not adequate enough at only 8" high. I have been reading that people say the big JBL's from the 70s need to be at least 1'-2' off the ground. Have found some other taller stands online, like custom wood ones or larger metal style stands. But the Deer Creek stands are supposed to be replicas of the original JBL stands? So i'm just confused about which direction to go in.

Deer Creek link

Secondly, I don't know if I should go with some new modern equipment or stick with a vintage receiver like a Pioneer/Marantz. I used to run them with an old Pioneer-SX680, not one of the high end models by any means, then recently I switched to an all tube amp which has been working out well, not expensive by any means either. The modern equipment I have been looking towards is Vincent Audio. They have a nice phono tube pre and a hybrid integrated amp (tube pre SS power) that are definitely in my price range. Then again I read that the old 70's speakers pair well with a vintage receiver. I just purchased a Fluance RT85 turntable to upgrade from my Phillips direct control, and I have an Akai GX-4000D tape deck as well. The 7 1/2" speed tapes sound especially great through the JBLs.

Just looking for some overall advice, i'm kind of basing everything around the 4311s as they were my Dad's and still sound amazing. Thanks all!

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