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Settings for ripping LP's with Adobe audition

I'm finally transfering my LP's to .aif 88Khz/32fp files via my turntable and am using Adobes's Audition for the processing. The flexibility is great FFT filters e.g. kill the 60 hz Ground loop, Noise reduction Click/Pop eliminator etc. Each of these filters have many variables that look interesting to play with (and you think changes cartridges is exciting), however I'd like to find out if someone has already done this due diligence and has advice on whether to stick with Adobes standard settings or modify them in some way (and why)

if there is a www site that gets into this also good :-)


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Re: Settings for ripping LP's with Adobe audition

Audacity doesn't support ASIO, btw. Actually it probably never will due to licensing issues.

I've switched over to KRISTAL for recording which seems to be the only really solid say to record at 24/96 on my RME. Even Samplitude isn't getting it right...

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