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Setting up something at home.

I'm no audiophile by any stretch, in fact - I'm more of an audioTard to be honest! I figured this was the place to ask questions about an amp and speaker setup for my home. I'm not after a massively loud sound, just a very nice music family/living room.

Currently I'm looking at picking up a NAD 3225PE amp secondhand, and using a set of 4 Behringer 1c monitors (I need them to be small and wall mounted) and then after that picking up a subwoofer.

Questions are:
- Would this amp drive 4 x 4 ohm speakers? or do I need 2 amps??
- Can you split the speaker output so 1 set is on while the other off? A or B or A+B type thing??
- Would there be some reading I could do to understand how amps and speakers work in a little more detail while not going to an audiophile level??

Much appreciated in advance.

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Re: Setting up something at home.

Run each pair in series to one channel and the two of them will be at 8 Ohms. Your NAD can handle that. If you just run them A & B (parallel) the load would be 2 Ohms which might give your NAD fits. I've seen claims that the NAD 3225PE can handle 2 Ohm loads, but I would be careful if trying it. It could run very hot and cut out or blow a fuse if it doesn't like it.

To connect in series run the positive lead from the amp to the positive lead of the first speaker, then run run the negative lead from the first speaker to the positive lead of the second speaker, and then run the negative lead from the second speaker back to the negative lead of the amp.

You could try stacking them with the top speaker upside down which might surprise you compared to them individually.

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