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Separate phono stage and older Sony receiver OR new receiver?

I have a decent sounding set up but want to improve the phone stage.

My current set up is a Technics sl-1700 with a very new Grado Green cartridge, feeding into an older Sony str-de885 (bought many years ago for surround sound setup), speakers are Elac Debut2.0 b6.2

I know it's not a great system but it sounds decent

I'm debating on buying a Rega fono mm (Grado uses moving iron but I believe it works like a moving magnet, at least to a phono stage),and keeping the old Sony until we move in a couple years...
buying a new receiver with built in Phoenix no stage. I was looking at something in the $500 - $700 range. It looks like Yamaha has a few in that range but I don't know how their phono stages are.

My current set up is in the family room with a soundbar with rear speakers and "atmos" speakers built into the soundbar, so I don't need to upgrade the receiver currently, but want to upgrade it in the future, so doing it now instead of a sep phono stage would kill 2 birds with one stone.

I am always on the look out for a better amp for the music setup BUT that is not a huge priority until we are in a different house with an area more dedicated to music, or at least on a floor that doesn't bounce when the Dogg walks by causing the LP to skip grrrr

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