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Sennheiser 555 and dakmart

so im strongly considering a pair of sennheiser 555, being on a part time job i dont have the extra dough to toss for a pair of 590's or 650's but the 555 is well in my price range, besides id hate to lay down the bills for a pair of 650's that im going to use with my zune. anyway i was wondering what your thoughts were on them?
ive been slowly, very slowly creeping towards hifi sound and higher bit rate music on my portable after my oem headphones died i bought some skullcandy's the sound was way better but i want something even better, ive almost given up on buds since i started using cans. im not much of a home headphone listner, most of my listening at home is on my altec lansing surround system on my pc
ive found them cheapest(new) at this site called dakmart that ive never heard of but they're selling them for 79.99 such a ridiculously low price but ive heard mixed things about dakmart, so anyway input please :]

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Re: Sennheiser 555 and dakmart

The 555s are great cans and superb value at their list of around $150. At $80 they would be a positive steal. Don't even think about 600s or 650s for use with a portable player or PC, the sound would suck. Those puppies need a proper headphone driver stage to perform, without it they sound lifeless and awful. The 555s would also benefit greatly from a headphone amp meaning you have a great step-up in quality to look forward to when funds permit.

Good luck!

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