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Seeking Thoughts / Feedback

Pretty new to all to all of this - so looking for some thoughts / feedback on my roadmap here.

Looking to build out a great vinyl-centric audio system.

Currently I have:
- Clearaudio Concept Turntable
- Clearaudio Nano V2 Phono Preamp

Current thinking was to build out:
- Speakers = Klipschorns
- Amps = Decware Zen Triode (x2, one for each Khorn)

Guessing I will need some sort of equalizer or receiver to fine tune the sound - although I was trying to keep this as clean and straight-through as possible (avoiding elements that might introduce distortion - although I'm not familiar enough with modern units to know whether or not this is still a valid concern).

Looking to extract the full spectrum of sound from the vinyl and fill a decent sized room, but without going too overboard - and no need for super-sized, stadium level volumes.


What am I missing or not thinking through here?

Understand some folks don't love Klipsch - what are the big things I am giving up by going in this direction (aside from owning two speakers which have little flexibility in terms of placement - and will be a PITA to relocate once they are in place).

Thanks in advance for all ideas - and any requisite snark based on my starting point here.

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preamp option

I think you're on the path to an excellent system. The double Decwares should be amazing (though if you haven't ordered yet, I heard they're about 4-6 months out on orders, but maybe that's changed). If you want to keep things totally clean and simple, I don't think you would need any sort of preamp since the Decwares come with volume/gain controls on them, and have input of 1.5V. Plus those speakers are super easy to power. Unless you're someone who fiddles with treble/bass/balance you could probably just go without and go direct from the phono stage into the amp.

I run my vinyl-only system with TT (MC cart) in a Lehmann Black Cube phono stage (which provides enough gain at 61dB), that into a passive Tisbury preamp (no's just an attenuator for volume), into a Dynaco ST-70 tube power amp. I need the Tisbury because the amp doesn't have any controls for volume. But your Decwares would have that included.

It's a super clean sound and the music really opens up with fewer parts introduced.

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Klipsch plus Leben

Since my own system is very modest, whenever I get a hold of a new vinyl I walk over to my best friend's place and listen it first on his system.

He has a pair of Klipsch Heresy III hooked up to Leben CS300 & RS30EQ, a pair that he bought after reading a review here in Stereophile (
He went through a few different turntables, and currently he has a Luxman PD171A with a Elys cartridge.

I am lucky to have as much access as i want to that system of this lucky bachelor, and i consider his setup the vinyl heaven.

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Phono stage

Forgot to mention, the phono stage is also Leben, RS-30EQ. There was something about the way it works that distinguishes it from most of other phono stages, but frankly I can't quite recall what it is.

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