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Science Fair is now complete.


Science Fair take its toll.

This year, only one of my kids had to do a project, even though my younger one had a KILLER project he did - we'll use it next year.

My 12 year old's 7th grade project looked at "cell phone handedness" and asymmetric hearing loss.


We screened people who used a cell phone an hour or more per day and found that their "phone dominant ear" demonstrated reduced high frequency hearing loss compared to their non-dominant ear.

It was quite striking, and Blutooth ear piece users suffered disproportionately.

In our research, we found cell phone ads boasting as much as 107 dB of "loudness" to the ear.

57% of users had this type of finding. 34% were symmetrical in their hearing.
8% were confounders, with their dominant ear outperforming their 'passive' ear.

Crude 7th grade data, to be sure, but it does give one pause.

Interestingly, we also found that OSHA begins regulating noise exposure in environments of 85 dB (or higher) which perfectly matches the average cell phone at 85 dB. I wonder if they chose that value on purpose?

I'll try to get a pic of his poster.

(I love Science Fair. We saved our projects if anybody ever wants to take one and evolve it. last year was "How do we know it's really water that makes popcorn pop?" for my 8 year old and "Divided attention tasks show declines in perfomance on cognitive testing."

The year before was "Galileo and Newton race Hot Wheels."

The year before was "How many Tums (how much calcium carbonate) does it take to neutralize the pH of different soda pops."

We have one ready for next year from when I was 14 (1973-4)and did one about crab counts and predator counts at different areas in the Monterey tidal pools; and we went back last spring with our kids and repeated the same study.

Man, science is everywhere. I pray to my atheist diety that I can impart some of the joy to my kids.

If any of y'all are staying up tonight getting ready for Science Fair - I salute you!

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Re: Science Fair is now complete.

Science Fair is great!

I always had a blast participating as an Elkin.

The little Buddha's findings are both fascinating and scary.

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Re: Science Fair is now complete.

Cool project!

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