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Schiit amplifier advice (DT990 / 770)

Hey folks,

Recently bought the Beyerdynamic DT 770 and DT 990 (both 250 ohm) as my first audio setup. I intend on picking a favourite and returning the other.

My PC has an MSI B350M Bazooka motherboard, and it can go plenty loud for both of these.

However, I like the practicality appeal of the Schiit Fulla 3 (due to having mic in and line out). Also very appealing since it's a combo DAC/AMP. I guess that doing the typical Shiit stack of modi and magni is very overkill for these headphones, especially since the Fulla 3 is available for half the cost. It's quite enticing to spend another £105 to have a completely independent system and be confident I'm making the most of these headphones.

If my motherboard is getting these loud enough with no static at all, do you think I will see an improvement in the sound quality (particularly bass response) if I get a DAC/AMP? Do either the DT770 or DT990 shine when amplified?

The alternative for me is to get a 2m long USB to 3.5mm cable to reach my phones suitably, since I need a quick disconnect for use with guitar amplifier.

I really appreciate the advice folks, bought these two sets on previous responses :P

P.S. Do ambient noise audible through open back headphones bother anyone else while gaming?

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