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Scarlett Johansson, Sex & Drugs

Okay now that I've got your attention let's try to find out what is really behind the soft soap review of her debut recording "Anywhere I Lay My Head".

I'm figuring that reviewer's inability to completely rip apart this absolutely ghastly recording had to caused by one of two things:

a) an intense and rather poorly hidden desire and fascination with Ms. Johansson's considerable physical charms


b) some really good drugs

If the answer does turn out to be the latter, then the editorial staff at Stereophile must do everything within their power to make sure that the equipment reviewers do not get a hold of the same drugs. After all I wouldn't want the next of Stereophile to feature the Bose Wave on the cover and a glowing review and endorsement of all things Bose within the pages.

BTW I did see that the recording was given two stars for performance - why so many?

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Re: Scarlett Johansson, Sex & Drugs

I don't have the issue yet. Is it Stephen? We do know that he seems to have something in his pocket that he would like to show her.

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Re: Scarlett Johansson, Sex & Drugs

Scarlett Johansson, Sex & Drugs?

Yes, please.

I, too, am baffled how that disc rated that excess of stars for performance.

To be fair, I heard that reviewer gave the same number of stars to William Shatner's "Tambourine Man."

I bet the reviewer can hardly wait for Lindsey Lohan's new disc to hit the shelves. Watch out Brent Spiner!

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