Sam Wins Big on Independence Day

Who is this mysterious Sam character? He won't submit a photo. He won't tell me anything but his name. Samuel Thomas. Hmmm. Sounds patriotic. But it's not quite the Sam of which I'm thinking. The real Uncle Sam was Samuel Wilson, a meatpacker from Troy, New York. Sam Thomas is in Pullman, Washington.

Still, I can think of no better Fourth of July surprise than some French desktop speakers. Thomas is the winner of our Focal XS Book Music System Sweepstakes held earlier this year, and he received his prize just before the Fourth of July. Hopefully, he listened to the American classics like Francis Scott Key, Aaron Copland, the Grateful Dead, R.E.M., and 2 Chainz to celebrate our day of freedom.

This is America, and we can buy speakers from whatever country we darn well want! Congrats on your win Sam!