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SACD vs DVD Audio vs HDCD

Hi guys

I would like to share my opinion with you.
First-of-all , i do not own any ultra high-end sacd or dvd audio player.I have a Pioneer 747 universal player(european model).I believe the equivalent US model is the Elite 47 or 49 , not 100% sure. Anyway , the sound from sacd is quite good,almost analoq if there can be abysuch thing with a digital source lol.dvd audio,on the other hand,to my ears sound like it is artificially processed,i am not sure how to put it in other words. Now,what beats the both (again my personal opinion) is red book cds encoded with hdcd.maybe the comparison is not 100% accurate,since my cd player is a cary audio cd306/200 (much more expensive than the pioneer universal player) but i still believe hdcd is a major player in high resolution sound.
Hi-Fi is all about compromises.There is no such thing as a system that can re-create live sound.Some of us are more sensitive to certain aspects of sound,others less so.Personally,i am very sensitive in "roughness".If there is the slightest "hardness" in the sound,i can hear it.HDCD to my ears is the most analoq sounding "digital" format.
I really would like to hear your thoughts on this,other than my ears need cleaning ! rotfl

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Re: SACD vs DVD Audio vs HDCD

I think HDCD adds a little ambiance to the music to achieve the somewhat analog sound you are referring to. Still, the delicate reproduction of transient detail that analog does so well has yet to hit my ears with digital formats...and I like digital just fine, ty.

I can't say about SACD because my player (Marantz 67SE) doesn't support the format. At one time, I had a Theta Chroma DAC, with the HDCD decoder running through my system but, I actually preferred the Marantz alone and ditched the Theta rather quickly.

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