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SACD and phase inversion

Are there any SACD players on the market that will invert absolute phase, preferably by a button on the remote?

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Re: SACD and phase inversion

I used to have a Theta Chroma DAC that had a switch on the panel for phase inversion...and this was like 8 years ago?

I'm not familiar with any that do this, but I would be real surprised if Theta wasn't still offering this.

I can see why you would want a remote switch given that it can change from not only disc to disc, but from song to song.

In the end, I rarely used the feature in my Theta. I might have used it more if it were remote, but I doubt it.

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Re: SACD and phase inversion

Accuphase offers phase inversion on the SACD processor DC-101 and probably on the integrated SACD players as well. The button is located at the rear of the converter and the inversion can

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