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S + K + A = "E"


Feelin' chatty today.

Last Friday night went with Big Mike, Mrs. Big Mike, and another friend to see English Beat at the House of Blues.

I'm a bit of an "audience aficionado," and this crowd was as friendly as an ecstasy crowd.

Ecstasy crowds tend to be friendly, talkative, accommodating, and polite. When you try carrying a couple of drinks through an "E" crowd, people actually try to help make room and say nice things, like "Cool show," or "How ya doing?"

They are prone to sitting on the floor between acts and don't make messes. Bottle water is the beverage of choice, and they take their empties to the garbage.

They don't scream very often during the show, and leave more "personal space" from person to person on the floor.

Classic Rock crowds tend toward beer and the simpler cocktails. With more spillage and jostling. They act like you're harming their fun if you need to get by. There are more fights, and lots of incessant screaming. Classic rock crowds keep shouting for their favorite song, and then when it's played, they start keening at the top of their lungs until it's over. I think the average classic rock concert fan only goes to hear the first three notes of their favorite song, and then just want to hear themselves scream for the next four minutes.

Punk crowds are more kinetic than classic rock crowds, but, given the parameters of a punk show, are quite enjoyable and

Jeff Wong
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Re: S + K + A = "E"

In the early 80s, I missed seeing the [English] Beat no less than 3 times due to a variety of circumstances I've since forgotten. While it might be fun now, I doubt it'll be the same as when the Go-Feet and 2 Tone craze was just growing.

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