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Rush Fans!

If anyone here appreciates the value of great music you might want to check out the new dvd set of Rush! They are an amazing band! I've grown up with their music and they have got to be one of best bands out there. I just got the dvd set from a friend at umvd and the quality is amazing! All shot in hi-def. tv, the sets have the live concert in Frankfurt and some of their classic concert footage from the 70's! Check it out if you're interested and let me know what you think,

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Re: Rush Fans!

I wish they would have had the sound quality of R-30 on RUSH In Rio. I liked the song selection and the energy of that crowd better.......

Still the Lim. Ed. R-30 is a MUST for any RUSH fan like myself.........

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Re: Rush Fans!

Rush has the distinction of being the last album I ever bought before returning to vinyl only recently. Power Windows, back in 86 or so. Power Windows was also the first album I played a couple of weeks back when I returned to vinyl.

Fortunately I resisted getting rid of all my old albums and still have every Rush album up to Power Windows.

I don't listen to Rush much anymore as my musical tastes have changed at least a couple of times since the mid 80s. Still, it's hard to believe three guys created all that sound.

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