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Rogue preamp & Parasound power amp

How do you think the new Rogue Metis preamp would sound with the Parasound A23 power amp? Or do you think the Quicksilver preamp would be a better combination with the A23 power amp?

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Re: Rogue preamp & Parasound power amp


I've heard that preamp and it sounded nice. This was on a pair of Joseph Audio speakers, I know some people don't like Joseph but I kinda do.

It was hooked to a "vintage" Aragon amplifier, which is similar in configuration to the Parasound. The match with a solid state amp seemed really at ease and didn't create listening fatigue after a long weekend of hanging out and playing tunes.

This was via a Rega Planet CD player, just as full disclosure.

I bet it would work nicely with the Parasound, and the Rogue is well priced. Even mated with a solid state amp seemed, it kept a little tube magic going.

Perhaps one of the best combos in hi fi is a tube pre-amp and a solid state amp.

There is a new review of the pre-amp here ---> Metis Review.


I have not heard that model of Quicksilver amp.


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Re: Rogue preamp & Parasound power amp

I haven't heard the Metis alone, but I did get a chance to hear the integrated (Cronus) paired up with ProAc speakers a couple of months back. I thought it was terrific. Very relaxed, resolving and dynamic. I didn't get to spend more than about 30 minutes listening and was listening to Rimsky-Korsakov. What impressed me most was the sense of drama and the feeling that no sound was left unresolved or properly layed out in the stage. I'm not sure how large a part the Moon Equinox player contributed to the sound, but the Cronus wasn't outclassed with the pricey gear.

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