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Rogue Audio Spinx V3 -- how "Class D" is it?

I'm seriously considering this amp, but one thing bothers me. I've learned, through painful experience, that you have to pay attention not only to what a reviewer says, but also to what they don't say. I've noticed that here and in other reviews, lots of nice adjectives are used for the bass -- powerful, taut, detailed, textured, etc. -- and a few for the midrange, but no one seems to want to mention the treble, except for a cautious "the treble didn't call attention to itself."

So OK: great bass, good mids, treble is maybe kind of iffy. That sounds a lot like Class D territory to me. And my experience with the highly touted Class D MAD m32 was not a good one.

So just how Class D does this amp sound? Thanks...

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