RMAF Announces the Big Move

On the eve of the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, being held this weekend in the newly remodeled but acoustically challenged Denver Marriott Tech Center, show organizer Marjorie Baumert revealed the show's future venue: beginning in 2019, RMAF will relocate to its new home in the brand new Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, just five miles from Denver International Airport. Baumert made the announcement alongside Gaylord Rockies' Director of Sales, Jeff Lindeblad (on the right in the photo above), and used the occasion to reveal that show dates for next year will move up a month, to the first weekend in September.

The move looks like a win-win. While room dimensions were not immediately available—the resort and convention center will open to the public on December 18—the facility's whopping 1501 rooms includes 114 larger suites. This means that one of the major, long-standing problems with RMAF's current venue—its lack of sufficient large spaces to satisfy exhibitor demand—will no longer be an issue.

Ditto the lack of dining facilities in and near the hotel. The resort itself will boast at least eight restaurants, including Italian and Asian cuisine, a steak house, a two-story sports bar, a grab-and-go with take-out and room service options, and a bar with views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

Given the Gaylord Rockies' proximity to the airport, tedious long rides to and fro—and even longer waits for shuttle service—will be ancient history. Instead, attendees will be able to board the light rail either at the airport or in downtown Denver, and take it to the hotel's free shuttle service that will run non-stop. Locals who choose to drive instead will find up to 2700 parking spaces waiting for them (albeit along with potentially steep parking fees).

The Gaylord Rockies' indoor open space has been characterized as "immense," and includes a 25-foot granite fireplace and a "crystal lake." There are also two pools, a huge jacuzzi, and a "lazy river" ideal for anyone who wants to pretend they're Cleopatra or a member of her consort, floating down the Nile on a high-end inner tube.

Until the next RMAF takes place eleven months from now, no one can know for certain how audio equipment will sound in the Gaylord Rockies' standard and larger rooms. Keep in mind, however, that some industry members cursed the size of the rooms in AXPONA's new venue, the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center—until they discovered how good their equipment sounded in them.

RMAF will issue a formal press release on the move on October 8, the day after the last show in the Marriott closes. More to come…

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One of the advantages of attending these hi-fi audio shows is, we can take 'selfies' with the hi-fi celebrities including Stereophile reviewers :-) ..........

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Anyone you know?

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JVS is one of them :-) ...........

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I can't read the name tag on the left, but the letters match your name. Not saying it's you, but could that really be coincidence? Seems unlikely.

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My twin sister :-) .........

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hey folks, it’s commuter rail, not light rail, between Denver international Airport and downtown; i figure technically oriented readers would care about the difference; were the show organizers confused about this?

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JVS is one of them :-) ......... That is Majorie and Sales manager.

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Geez, perhaps a bit off topic here, but after reading this and having a quick glance at the Gaylord Resort website...

“rustic, Alpine charm”, “lazy lake”, “crystal lake”, 25 foot fireplaces, 2,700 parking spaces...

Disneyland meets Las Vegas all wrapped up in a wasteful and unsustainable suburban fantasyland.

While the acoustics of Munich MOC might be challenging it is a modern, bright venue full of daylight that is very well connected to public transportation. That’s a win-win in my book.

Well, let’s at least hope the rooms of the new RMAF fantasyland will sound good.

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The photo at the top is yet another reminder that, if the press asks you to 'pose' for a picture, turn around and walk away. Ye gads.

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..which also means its in the middle of nowhere. So unless you're up for a considerable trek to downtown or elsewhere, you're pretty much confined to whatever that hotel has to offer. They couldn't have picked a less attractive part of the Denver metro area, but I of course understand the reasoning behind it. Any growth potential for this show has to come via increased attendance, and therefore is going to have to come from outside of Denver, where the airport plays a huge role. My other major concern has to do with the cozy, friendly, communal vibe that has always been such an important aspect of this show. The relatively small Marriott Tech Center really kept things tightly spaced. How will this massive facility with tons of spread out space be able to maintain that intimate feel? I guess we'll find out.

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Thank you for your observations.

Given the number of people I've encountered this year who are spending their time in rooms texting while the music is playing, or who treat music as the backdrop for their personal conversations, I think the sense of intimacy is threatened from multiple quarters. I would also urge you not to discount the enthusiasm and excitement factors generated by a large venue with better acoustics. Those positive vibes can serve to bring people closer. Think of a 2500-seat concert venue filled with people who are all moving and reacting as one.

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... standing next to Vinnie Rossi?