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John Atkinson
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Richie Hayward RIP

Cofounder of seminal rock band Little Feat, Richie Hayward died today of complications from liver cancer. Not having health insurance, he had moved to Canada (his wife was Canadian) but the end was sadly inevitable.

Hayward was one of the most intelligent drummers in rock, combining power, drive, with imagination. You can find a December 2000 review I wrote of a Little Feat anthology at .

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Re: Richie Hayward RIP

Great review; thanks for the link. The story of a great rock band.

Little Feat have been one of my absolute favourite bands since I bought "Time loves a hero" way back when. My #1 is "Dixie chicken" next to Lowell's solo album "Thanks I'll eat it here".

mark evans
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Re: Richie Hayward RIP

Thanks for the update John. Guitarist Steve Lukather of TOTO fame and various session recordings had some very nice things to say about Richie after his death.

Mark Evans

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