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Review Questions

I guess this question is directed more towards John Atkinson and his stuff. In light of the good review the Paradigm S2's recently got from Stereophile, are there any plans to review the Signature S8's? These have recieved even more praise and accolades from reviewers all over, it would be nice to read Mr. Atkinson's take on them, any way that can happen?

Also, the Cyrus CD8x CD player (with its outboard power supply, PSX) has been making a lot of noise accross the pond for a while now, and it's been revered as 'the' state of art cd player out there, even when compared with Musical Fidelity's line up...Any hope Stereophile can review it as as a swam song for red book cd's music reproduction?


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Compared to Studio 100v3

I would also like to see an S8 review. Especially directly compared to the Reference Studio 100v3 which has a class B rating and shares many design elements with the S8. Take price out of the review and compare them head to head so we can see if the S8 is really worth double the price.

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Re: Review Questions

I want BJR to review the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A speakers asap.

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