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Resonance, Flutter, Hum

A few years back, I bought an Audio Technica AT LP-140XP to replace my worn out 70's era AT. I have since made upgrades as finances permit, Ortophon 2M Black, Funk Achromat, Vincent Pho-701 preamp, and lastly due to prior experience Kimber PB&J's. All was good until I added the Kimber's. I now have a ground loop (hum) rumble & flutter, not to mention improved clarity and dynamics in spite of the unwanted resonances. I put cheap interconnects back on and unwanted issues go away including the improved sound quality. My question is, is this a resonance issue due to mismatched cartridge/tonearm issues that the Kimbers make audible or is there another problem? FYI I have put these Kimbers on other components with no issues. I have used Kimbers for years

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