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Replacing A Yamaha AX-592 Amplifier

I've had a Yamaha AX-592 amplifier for about 10 years and been very happy with it. It died yesterday and I need to replace it. I'm looking for something up to $1,000. I looked at the Yamaha HTR-6090 which I can get for about $700. It looks good but it has a lot of things I don't need and I'm wondering if there is something else out there that would give me more for my money. I only need a two channel amplifier, I don't need 7.1 or 5.1. I don't need a receiver as I have a stand alone Yamaha receiver. I don't need all the video connections and such, as this will only be used with a stereo audio system. However, I would like to have digital ins and outs. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Replacing A Yamaha AX-592 Amplifier

Digital inputs and outputs connotes an onboard DAC. I don't know of many integrated stereo amplifiers (Brinkmann Integrated with tube DAC is $4250, Music Hall Mambo is $1300, Bryston B100-DA SST DAC is $4245, Sharp SM-SX1 is $4499) that has that. What do you need the digital inputs and outputs for?

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