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Repair or throw out AR-48 speakers

Hi everyone,

My Dad has asked me to help him buy new speakers because I'm a classical musician and have better/more trained ears than him.

He has a set of old Acoustic Research AR48s. The foam around the mid and woofer has completely disintegrated. After doing some reasearch online it appears that the foam is replacable.

Is it worth it to fix the foam, & (cones if neccesary) or even buy new drivers? Detail at

Or should he just start over? I know he is not into HIFI and would probably not want to spend more than $300. (I'm thinking craigslist or ebay)

Help me help my Dad!

Jan Vigne
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Re: Repair or throw out AR-48 speakers

If you need to spend money on other parts of the system and this amount of money would buy a better source (CD player or turntable) or amplifier, repair the speakers. Otherwise, if you can manage to buy what you like and still have $300 for speakers, write off the AR's and buy new. Speakers have improved considerably in this price range since the AR's were on the market.

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Re: Repair or throw out AR-48 speakers

If he liked the sound of the AR-48s by all means just refoam the drivers. Unless someone was careless with them I doubt they need new cones. Those are 80s vintage so the caps are probably OK as well.

For more information on reconditioning Acoustic Research speakers try:

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