Remix: Soft Pink Truth do "Aetheric Vehicle" by Matmos

Have you heard enough about Matmos from the Stereophile boys yet? Probably. Truth be told, upon first listen I didn't really like their new record The Marriage of True Minds. I found it aimless (I prefer music with intent), but first listens can be deceptive. I'll let Stephen tell you how he grew to love it in our upcoming April issue. Meanwhile, this remix has me thinking I should give the record another go.

Here Soft Pink Truth remixes the track "Aetheric Vehicle" from The Marriage of True Minds replete with clicks, clacks, jangles, and bells. Soft Pink Truth is made up of one guy, Drew Daniel, one half of Matmos. While Soft Pink Truth is defined as house music, there's no four on the floor in this remix.

After the initial ticks, a slow overlaying synth ostinato alters melodies and re-harmonizes for dramatic effect. New clicks and clacks embedded into the beat add more swing while a strong and at times off-beat kick drum reinforces the groove. Chordal chirps intersperse. An elongated choral synth pad combined with the synth ostinato and clanging cash register rhythm awaken elements of trance music by adding a heavenly aura to the industrial construction of rhythmic layers. Soft Pink Truth's remix turns an ambivalent sound sculpture into a gear-shifting, rachet clanking beat machine.

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Since the iTunes store does 90 second samples now (Amazon take notice) and (!) the .m4a tracks are generally better than 256k mp3's (Amazonnnnnn...) I recommend going to iTunes, search on Matmos, sort by artist and/or title, and have at it. Lots to pick from there.

LM2940's picture me it just sounds like Boards of Canada and Brian Eno got together and had a baby and this is what it sounds like when it's soiled it's diaper.

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I love both of those bands (Eno & Boards of Canada)

I don't think this remix sounds like either. but i like your imagery.