Remix: Hugsnotdrugs do "Pale Flesh" by Crystal Castles

At its onset, screeching and chopped vocals, a melody cracked off like a piece of firewood from Crystal Castles "Pale Flesh" from their record (III), play catch up with with a deep rubber-band like bass pulse. Crystal Castles' shrieks echo of Lizzi Bougatsos tribal and petrified screams from Gang Gang Dance's Glass Jar, but as the snare guides you to the turnaround and into the verse, a crackling fire-pit of of diced synthesizers and reversed vocal loops, it becomes clear were dealing with something much more electro, something much more IDM-based than the primal screams indicated before.

We are approached with a coherent melody assorted together through rearranged vocal samples and alternating synthesizer melodies creating an inherent rhythm between the samples, a piecemeal approach to groove. The deep bass pulse continues, doubled down by the snare followed by an ambient breakdown free of drums. Fearless hi-hat programming breaks the silence switching effortlessly between breakneck speeds and slurred triplets. Is your head-bobbing yet? Are you dancing? Where the hell did that piano come from?

This remix is crack.

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considering the tempo of this remix, there are certainly elements of dubstep involved.

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is one helluva rabbit hole!

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i've been sinking in it for the past 3 years. one rave changed my life. i am forever grateful to be stuck in this quicksand of tempo-dictated genres and throbbing hoovers. 

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Just in the last year I've really taken the plunge. Had dabbled for a while but never realy committed to it.

A couple of FlyLo shows was all it took.

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went to a Meridian event last night, snuck onto the Sooloos and rerouted the queue to play some FlyLo for a room full of folks. the chill peoples were happy with the music change from the David Guetta which seemed to be on repeat (which is an important note, not all EDM is enjoyable :-P)

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If you ever want to lose an entire day / your entire life: this is where it's at...

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Thanks, mang!

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Was pleased too to see Lorn's album get a nod on Stereophiles pages.

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the music and your write-up too.

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Thank you!