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Relevance of Mission Argonaut 780 MKII in refinement vs newer Klipsch RP8000F's

Hey all,

This is my first post! I currently run a pair of Argonaut 780 MkII's by Mission Electronics and they're powered by an Aragon 2002 & Denon AVR3600 (1997) as a pre-out. Between that and my ifi iOne Nano as my DAC for AAC bluetooth, it combines for a sound I really like- very sweet - a full midrange, smoothness BUT also just enough clarity in the highs. I've had this setup for a while now, so I'm starting to get antsy about something new in my system, so right now it's a toss-up between new speakers or a new dedicated preamp. Right now I'm looking at KEF Q900/950's, Klipsch RP8000F's, or [preamp] Emotiva XSP-1. I listened to the 8000F's in a store and it seemed to have a similar sound signature to the Missions- maybe more well-extended highs. Same fullness and tightly defined low end.

So here's a couple questions with that being said...

1) Considering how advanced the Mission speakers were for their time, how refined of a sound they have if you're familiar... would it be worth it to mess with the preamp first? Would these speakers reveal that difference in preamps?

2) Is it possible that my late 80's high-end speakers could still offer as much as the new mid-level Klipsch? Has anyone here listened to those fairly recently? I'm having fun pondering it all, but it's about time I ask other audiophiles!

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