REL Acoustics’ 212SE Subwoofer

Because the total 6-pack sets one back $24,000, I asked REL Acoustics' David Schultz if there might be a "Six-Pack light" version. Yes, he replied, we have the "poor man's six-pack," the REL Acoustics 212SE. Wireless-capable, the almost-70 lb, 212-SE sealed-cabinet enclosure stands 20" tall and uses two active 12" and two passive 12" drivers, all powered by the 1000W RMS class-D internal amplifier with a new low-noise 3-stage input circuit.

Though the silver bars that run along the sides of the enclosure look like handles, they serve to reinforce the cabinet and dampen vibration. Rather than RCA and XLR jacks, the 212SE employs phone plugs and high-level Neutrik Speakon connectors. The sub uses REL's new "Super High Output (SHO)" cone and input board, which boasts a major reduction in noise. In a nod to the Bradley Cooper movie, REL now calls its overload protection, the "limitless" limiter. Hyperbole aside, if the 212SE comes close to the Gibraltar-2 Six Pack, audiophiles will be in for a treat.