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I know i have some strange taste regarding to music but why some companies don't reissue all records of a group or singer ? The Rolling Stones is not a group i'd rush to purchase their cds or lps,yet.Goat's head soup is a great record.Why wasn't reissued ?

Jeff Wong
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Re: Reissues

Though not done recently, it seems it was reissued:

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Re: Reissues

The Stones catalog is owned by two entities. One was originally ABKCO and owns their rights up until, but not including, Sticky Fingers and the other, which was originally Rolling Stones Records, was bought by Virgin in the early 90s and owns all the rights including and after Sticky Fingers. The Virgin catalog was remastered and reissued in the early 90s, including Goats's Head Soup. The ABCKO records were remastered using the SACD process and reissued as dual redbook/SACD discs about two/three years ago...

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