Rega Research Brio integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Kuzma Stabi S turntable & Stogi S tonearm; Music Hall MMF-7.3 turntable; Denon DL-103, Goldring Elite MC, Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridges.
Digital Sources: Apple MacBook computer running Audirvana Plus; Ayre Acoustics QB-9DSD DAC; LG BD-550 BD player; Western Digital T2 Mirror Drives (2).
Preamplification: Auditorium 23 A23 moving-coil step-up transformer, Heed Audio Quasar phono stage, Shindo Laboratory Allegro preamplifier.
Power Amplifier: Shindo Laboratory Haut-Brion.
Integrated Amplifier: Heed Audio Elixir.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93, Elac Debut B6, Quad S2, Tannoy Mercury M2.
Headphones: Master & Dynamic MH40.
Cables: USB: generic. Interconnect: AudioQuest Water, JPS Labs Superconductor, Shindo. Speaker: AudioQuest Castle Rock & GO-4, Auditorium 23, Tellurium Q Black. AC: manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Music Hall Aztec Blue & Mooo record mats; Spec AD-UP1 Analog Disc Sheet; Salamander five-tier rack; IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under turntable, preamplifier, power amplifier); Mapleshade 15" by 12" by 2" maple platform; 2" by 2" by 0.5" mahogany blocks; 3"-thick studio-treatment foam damping (ceiling, walls).
Listening Room: 12' L by 10' W by 12' H, system set up along long wall; suspended wood floor, 6"-thick walls (plaster over 2x4), wood-beamed ceiling.—Ken Micallef

Rega Research Limited
US distributor: The Sound Organisation
1009 Oakmead Dr.
Arlington, TX 76011
(972) 234-0182

tonykaz's picture

Geez, I was selling Air Containers of Linn LP12s, back in the 1980s.

I never sold a single Rega turntable and didn't wonder why, I just knew that people wanted better than a noisy Rega and still do, although they can't afford a $17,000+++ "proper" record player/arm/phono cart and Riaa Pre-amp. Phew

Can they justify the pricy vinyls and misc. cleaning & storage systems?

Well, I suppose that someone just starting out can now own an entry level Rega Turntable & Rega Electronics. For well under $2,000 US. Hmm.

Why not just buy a "Jumbles Sale" Pioneer SX 60W Reciever & garage sale record player?

Dealer thoughts:

Magico & Wilson High End dealers should have & stock some interesting entry level stuff. Can they live off the points from a $2k Sale ( probably 40 points equaling $800 bucks )? Maybe they could sell one of these cute little "dorm" systems to Daddy Big Bucks who is already a D'Agostino Customer.

The darn good thing here is that there ain't no dam Chinesium inside the Rega box!

So, I have to give Rega two thumbs up, it's a Brit when being Brit seems long of tooth, Stereophile seems to assure us of it's sound qualities but didn't quite compare it's value to a little Schiit ( made in USA ) system.

Well done, Rega, I've always loved the Brit stuff.

Tony in Michigan

ps. someone with a "jiggle-cam" did a nice multi-day tour of Rega that's well worth watching. I noticed that Rega has only one resident Audiophile on Staff. hmm

geoffreyvanhouwaert's picture

Lovely amplifier. Top of the list.

Marvelousmarkie's picture

Use it with the top off or a fan to dissipate heat?

CorumUK's picture

Rega choose not to publish their SNR data, something I didn't appreciate until after buying. I'm on my second 2017 Brio at the moment and both have an audible hum that can be heard when in close proximity to the speakers (at all volumes and inputs).
The first one was definitely worse though and louder in the right channel. It also had a hum that could be heard through the right earpiece when headphones were connected.
I ended up returning the first unit. The dealer stated its normal for some humming to be heard through the speakers but that the unit was much louder than what he would consider acceptable, so they agreed to replace. The second unit still hums but only faintly and crucially not through the headphones.
I started a thread on a well known forum (pfm) discussing the above and myself and others who spoke negatively of Rega were trolled and verbally abused, with one particular troll being encouraged by a Rega rep who also frequents the site. Within a week the thread was completely deleted and I was banned.
So although I've still got my second Brio and think the sound is great (humming aside), my experience has been somewhat bitter sweet and I'm not sure I would consider a Rega product in future.

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My 35-yr-old Perrauex SM-2 preamp and Perrauex PMF-1150B amp need to be replaced, and I'm considering going with the 2017 Rega Brio integrated amp. Will that amp match well with my GoldenEar Triton 2 towers?