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Rega Planet 2000 fix
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The part they replaced is the laser pickup, You can get them for 8 dollars here: Sony KSS-213B laser assembly

I just got a rega planet 2000, and decided to order one to have as a spare seeing as how its realistcally the only part that would die on the player. I can install it myself if or when the time comes so its nice to have around. Especially as they might be harder to come by down the road. I dont know for sure.

The price you paid for the repair is fair, while the part might not be very expensive its not as simple as replacing a fuse to change it.

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hello ive got a problem with skipping cd's on my rega Jupiter (2000), i think the problem is the laser pickup. I want to replace it. Does anyone know if the jupiter uses the same pickup as in the above message (used in the planet)? and can anybody explain what is the best way to replace it (do it yourself)?

Thanks alot


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www.mcminone.com lotsa laser assys. Priced right. Get a service manual to show you the secret clips and thangs. I have changed old lasers in a Philips changer easy, unit works ik enew, used to intermittently skip. sometimes it might just be lubrication, on teh Philips 1201 type there is a small gear that had some dried out grease, on a worm drive, so it wouldn't track and resond quick like, try looking at the assy mechanics, maybe it just needs some lube on teh drive gears. Very lite, type grease depends on what mfg recomends, on teh Philips unit they spec'd a certain type of grease for teh drive.

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I had the same problem with my original model Planet. First it skipped a little, then got worse, and finally refused to play a disc.

The part needed for the original Planet is a Sony KSS-240A laser pickup ($23.95 from Electronix Corp in Fairborn, OH).

Installation is pretty easy once you look at the mechanism logically. The trick is to remove the silver rod/rail that holds the pickup in the transport mechanism. To remove the rail, you'll have to gently bend the plastic stop that holds the rail in place, then the rod can be pulled out of the old pickup.

All in all, pretty easy and considerably cheaper than sending it to the Rega repair folks in California.

If you chicken out, the repair address is:

Mr. Nick Gowan
True Sound
136 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

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