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Records to Die For: 20/20!!

My jaw dropped when I saw on John Iverson's list of R2D4 was 20/20, the fantastic power pop/new wave band from the late 70's/early 80's. I honestly thought I was the only one to remember them after all these years.

20/20 had their origins in both Tulsa, OK (my hometown) and Los Angeles. In fact, they are instrumental in starting my music love and my love for great gear. Ron Flynt, a founding member and songwriter for the band, worked at Peaches Records and Tapes while I was a young (14 years old) customer there. Ron would always give me the 'your spending your allowance on records' discount. One day Ron was behind the counter and the next he was gone as I was told he went to LA to record with his band.

About a year later 20/20's debut LP on Portrait Records (CBS) came out. It had minor regional hits on the west coast but for a young teen in Tulsa, it hit the spot. Fantastic and varied from the opening track (that makes you think you blew a woofer) to the closing track, it was a new wave/power pop soundtrack for the late 70's.

The band released three more records after the self-titled debut, but could never really find the magic again.

Ron later came back to Tulsa, and believe it or not, bought and managed a high end audio store called Imperial Sound. There we rekindled our friendship and I bought several great pieces of gear from him both for my car and for a nice two-channel home stereo.

After a few years, Imperial Sound closed and Ron moved to Austin, Texas and opened a studio and recorded more 20/20 music. But it still paled in comparison to the first record. I have no idea where or what Ron is doing now.

For those of you with a hint of liking for power pop or new wave, do yourself a favor and get on ebay or chase down the used record stores in your area and find 20/20's debut, self titled album. I've got two copies on vinyl and the CD. You won't regret it!!

John Iverson, I never saw this one coming in R2D4!!

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Re: Records to Die For: 20/20!!

Wow - had no idea Ron had become an audio dealer! Would love it if someone could track him down and let us know where he is.

And yes, this is an album that anyone who loves power pop/new wave needs to hear. It's available on Amazon, but the prices are getting steeper every month.

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