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Records To Die For 2008

It's February, it's R2DF time, and that means it's time for my annual plea to JA and co. to collect all of the R2DFs and publish them in book form.

This year really shows however that most of the records that one would really die for have been cited already. This year's list is really more like records-I- would-accept-a-serious-illness-that-I-ultimately-recover-from-for. I just can't see Wes accepting death over losing that Bobbie Gentry collection. He might agree to get the flu though.

But I really do love this feature and there are always good suggestions for new music, some of which I embarrassingly own but haven't played in years (Young Marble Giants and "Muswell Hillbillies"), some of which I've circled around for years but never bought ("Have Moicy"), some of which I never heard of but I want to check out (the new Carla Bley), and some of which are to me truly R2DFs ("Second Winter," "Piper at the Gates of Dawn," and "Our Man in Jazz.")

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Re: Records To Die For 2008

Records that have improved my life in the last year or two -

The Drones: 2 of their albums, "Gala Mill", and "Wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by"

Silversun Pickups: EP "Pikul" and CD "Carnavas"

The Howling Bells: (eponymous)

Explosions in the Sky: all of their cd's

The White Stripes: they are at their best live; the best document of that is a DVD called "Under Blackpool Lights". Turn it up!

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Re: Records To Die For 2008

Anything by Delbert McCLinton before he cleaned up.

And lots of other music, of course.

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