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Recording of the Year so far - for me at least.

Just played my copy of "Ray Sings, Basie Swings" for the first time. Pureaudiophile and Concord have produced an absolute winner.

For those not aware of the story behind this recording, a long forgotten tape of Ray Charles at a concert in Germany sometime in the 70's provided splendid vocals - Ray at his peak of singing ability - but unlistenable instrumental support. Joe Adams and John Burke got the current incarnation of the Basie Orchestra directed by Bill Hughes, wrote arrangements, spent several months with ProTools and produced a recording which is just plain great. Don't miss it vinyl fans. Two records, thirteen tracks of the best Ray Charles I've ever heard. If you didn't know the story behind it, you'd accept it as a wonderful recording of a live performance.

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Re: Recording of the Year so far - for me at least.

I'll give it a go.


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