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For the recording software/computer Dynamic Range Meter(standalone and VST)

The TT DYNAMIC RANGE METER Plug-in is a free and open source VST plug-in (AU and RTAS versions will be available as soon as possible thanks to SPL and Brainworx) which is perfectly suited for many applications used in modern music production. Additionally we supply the free TT DR Offline Meter Software which will be used for the fast and convenient offline calculation of the official DR value of releases. In this way, anyone involved in music production has a free tool for creating more dynamics in their productions. This is a condition for ending the Loudness War! For those who are not familiar with this term, here's an explanation: the Loudness War designates the senseless competition between record companies which involves releasing music with increasingly high amounts of compression (the "compression" of dynamic levels so that originally quiet passages are as loud as the loudest parts of a song). This results in products which are increasingly obtrusive in oder to fight for the listener's attention (please read the Tech Info section for more background). What does the DYNAMIC RANGE METER do? Here you see the TT DR Offline Meter Software (PC) which serves for fast measurement of the official DR value of a sound carrier. The DYNAMIC RANGE METER displays the inner dynamics of a recording in whole numbers or more precisely the inner grade of compression. For technicians, this is the average cumulative difference between peak and loudness (RMS) over a specific period of time (duration of a song or album) and is a whole number value given in decibels. Just the top 20% of the loudness are taken into consideration to ensure that songs with a long intro and an over compressed refrain doesn

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