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Record Shopping

I'm located in Wichita, KS and I'm looking for some places to buy new records. I'm willing to drive a little (Kansas City, Oklahoma City or someplace within 3 or so hours of Wichita)... any shops in either of those places that you would recommend? I do a lot of shopping at Love Garden in Lawrence, but I'm looking for a shop that carries more Classical music as well as rock, jazz, country etc.


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Re: Record Shopping

You may be in luck.

Acoustic Sounds is based out of Salina.

Not sure how far or whether they have a walk-in store.

Check out their website at

I looked around the site, but couldn't find info as to whether or not they have a physical store.

Phone is 1-800-716-3553


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Re: Record Shopping

Now, thats dedication. I complain about having to travel to Orlando about an hour away. Those people in New York are spoiled.

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Re: Record Shopping

Hey have you tried Kiefs in Lawrence? Its south of 23rd street on 59 highway on the west side of 59.

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