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Record Rama RIP--Jerry's Records (?)

Having previously lived in the Pittsburgh area for seven years, I was a frequent shopper at Record Rama. In fact, I was back in the area just a few weeks ago and went to check out Record Rama's offerings only to find the store closed and a farewell message taped to the glass of the door. A sign of the times, I thought to myself. Thus, my trip to Pennsylvania ended on a depressing note.

How strange it was to find Robert Baird's column on Record Rama in the very next issue of Stereophile. After reading the article, I went to to get more info. During my search I saw Jerry's Records mentioned and, as I'd never been to the establishment, I decided to google the name to find its exact location (Squirrel Hill). To my chagrin, what I found was Jerry's Records is now also up for sale.

Having just gotten back into vinyl--albeit, in a small way--I'm finding all of this to be a sad state of affairs. Jerry's will surely be shuttered by the time I make it back to the burgh, and one more special place will be history. This all makes me wonder where the world is going. I fear that by the time I'm a senior citizen I won't recognize it anymore.

Anyway, I figured some of you may want to know, so I posted the info. If you're a vinyl fan living in the Pittburgh area I suggest you take advantage of the time left before Jerry's Records too has a farewell message taped on their door.

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Re: Record Rama RIP--Jerry's Records (?)

I live in the Burgh and agree, it is sad to see Record Rama go away. I've been going to Jerry's since It was in Oakland above McDonalds and would hate to see that place disappear too. Unfortunately, the owners are getting older and the current generation really has no use for vinyl.

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