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Record Cleaning Liquids - Which one to use?

Hi Folks,

I have recently purchased a Nitty Gritty 1.5FI. I have been using the Pure2 solution they sell at Nitty but I'm wondering what the opinions are with respect to possible "home made" solutions or products from other companies.

I think I remember MF doing a review of liquids not too long ago... What issue was it? Also, if MF is trolling this forum (and I'm sure he is ) I'd be happy to get his concise view.

Thanks folks and good sounds to you all.



Jan Vigne
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Re: Record Cleaning Liquids - Which one to use?

You'll have to search the archives but this topic has been covered here. I posted my DIY cleaning fluid which is distilled water, surfactant and, when needed, Everclear.

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