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Record Cleaning

Already shot this question out to Mr. Fremer but thought I'd shoot it out here, as well.

I use the "CleanerVinyl" ultrasonic or cavitation method to clean my records. Specifically, I've been using Mobile Fidelity's "Super Record Wash" in the bath of the ultrasonic cleaner (no heat) and, then, nothing but distilled water in the bath of a "Knosti Antistat" (German version of the "Spinclean") as a final rinse. My last step is to use "Last" (no pun intended) record preservative. I've been using the Mofi Super Record Wash because it has no alcohol in it and, yes, I'm aware of the debate about whether or not a little alcohol added to a record cleaning solution might be harmful to vinyl or actually helpful to the cleaning process. Just don't like to take any chances with my vinyl! I've got a fair amount of collectors' items that are irreplaceable!

I'm going to be buying some good new repressings soon that I fully intend to run through my cleaning machine before play and wondering if there might be something better than the Super Record Wash at cleaning the mold release agent(s) off the new records. I'm also wondering if my old records have those mold release agents baked in or if there might be something to help with that, as well. So far, I'm getting a lot of hedging from the knowledgeable folks I've asked about this and precious little confident or direct replies.

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