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Iwann Angelo
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Recommended XLR cable and metal for home use & vocals?

I am very lost on what the recommended XLR and also the what the recommended type of metal connector is for sound quality as many say completely different things such as Silver being more conductive and more transparent with Gold being more durable and warm sounding etc? I only record at home in a small room with only my voice so I am lost on what to go for? Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum or other or a hybrid of sorts?

My current cable is a LyxPro Balanced Gold XLR Cable.

My microphone is an sE X1 S which has a gold connector on it if that info is any of relevance?

I also almost never unplug my XLR cables if that is also any of relevance?

Kal Rubinson
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What you have is fine. Don't

What you have is fine. Don't obsess.

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