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recommended stereo amplifier for bowers and wilkins 606

i recently purchased bowers and wilkins 606s.ive been seeing reviews that they can sound too bright with the wrong amp.
i will be putting them in the living room and i have sensitive ears.
my budget is up to 1000 dollars.can anyone recommend a suitable amp.
i was offered the denon DRA800H,would the speakers sound too bright with the denon'
plzzz help me im lost

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This is tough

It is tough to make a recommendation not knowing your taste. In general, B&W speakers have a slightly forward sound profile. Denon is pretty neutral. The two combined together should leave you with a slightly forward sound. I am not sure if this is going to be too bright for you. There are definitely other brands that have warmer sound profiles.

As per Stereophile forum rules: Full disclosure, I am the manufacturer of Verdant Loudpeakers, the importer for Art Audio and dealer/re-seller for a variety of brands. This must be disclosed in every post.

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I actually auditioned the 606

I actually auditioned the 606 this past weekend. The source used was a Rotel Integrated amp. Sorry, I do not have the model number. The store was busy and my 2k budget got me pushed out the door pretty quickly. The Rotel lists for 999.00 so should not be hard to find as it is a current product. I thought the speakers sounded fantastic with the Rotel. The salesman really emphasized that these would be a great match. Sadly I was unable to hear these on any other sources. I personally liked the sound more than the Martin Logans and Revel I also auditioned.

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Nice timely comments, GreggB. I'm impressed the 606 combo sounded better than the others. Although I own old DM-302s I've always thought all B&Ws (even 800Ds) were too bright for me to endure for long listening sessions. Maybe that is the combo. I've owned Denon and Rotel and have respect for both. Nice for you to hear a Rotel on the 606s. (I had SL3's for music mains for 16 years... :-), now relegated to other duty.)

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I just plugged the 606 (2019)

I just plugged the 606 (2019) into my Rega IO. A brighter speaker with a warm 30 wpc amplifier. I'll update once I've given it some time.

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