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Recommendations for CD player

Hi folks,

Although I have been a Stereophile subscriber for MANY years, this is my 1st post to the forums (not that anyone really cares).

I am currently using an old JVZ XLZ1050TN CD player in my main rig (C-J pre & power, Ariston RD110 table, Sumiko BPS, B&W DM6 speakers, Monster & Levinson interlinks and cables). I have quite a few SACDs and was wondering what the folks here think about the Oppo 970 & 981 DVD machines. I was thinking of replacing the JVC with one of these to take advantage of the units' SACD and DVD-A capabilities.

This may be a silly question, but would these machines sound better than my JVC for Red Book CDs?


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Re: Recommendations for CD player

Welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us...but puleeze!

You read the review, and the thing is a whopping $149.00 with a 100% money back guarantee from Music Direct.

Now get outta here and go order up and come back and tell us what YOU think.


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Re: Recommendations for CD player

I would be astounded if you did not notice a solid improvement with one of the Oppos.

And, as already thoughtfully pointed out, it is easy to return the Oppo if you are not tickled.

Let us know what you think after you get the chance to try an Oppo.

Poor Audiophile
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Re: Recommendations for CD player

Of course we care that you're here!! Welcome!!

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