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Recommendation for software to create a cd-r from a dvd

I have found that there are numerous dvds being released of shows that are not available in an artist's cd catalog. As an example, I recently purchased the 30th Anniversary Edition of the Boss' Born to Run. It contains a dvd of a show he and the band did in London in 1975. The show and the sound of the dvd are fantastic and there is nothing like it in his cd catalog. I wanted to play the music from the dvd in my car and two channel system so I looked for software to take just the audio from the dvd. I found a program called DVD Audio Extractor. I downloaded the program for the offered 30 day trial. The program actually worked flawlessly. It took about 45 minutes to extract the audio from the dvd to the hard drive as a .wave file. I added the saved tracks to iTunes and burned a cd-r. The music from the dvd is now conveniently on a cd-r. I believe the sound of the cd-r is as good as if the concert was released as a commercial cd in addition to the dvd. It takes some time to add tags to the tracks in iTunes and I shall be looking for a way to do this more quickly. I intend to use the program to make cd-rs of my other dvds. I hope other music lovers will find this of interest.

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