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Recommendation - NAD CD player

[i've placed this post in the "tweaks" forum as well]

I currently own a NAD C320BEE integrated amp and a NAD 521i cd player. I have them hooked up to a pair of Wharfedale Pacific Evo 8s. The system is wonderful, but I have heard that I could improve the sound by upgrading my cd player. I was looking at either the 521BEE (the new version of my 521i) or the 541i. Is the upgrade worth it? I listen mostly to jazz and classical music.



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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player *DELETED*

Post deleted by Stephen_Mejias

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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player

DUP - Some reasons why you think "NO" might be helpful. Have you heard the different players? How informed is your opinion?

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player

You need to take your player to your NAD dealer and compare them side by side. I would also recomment you listen to the Music Hall 25.2. The differences you are hoping to hear so you can make an informed decision will not work by memory alone. Good Luck.

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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player

Hi, DML -- Jim is right. It sounds like you like the system the way it is. If you're going to pay extra money, make sure the new player is a genuine and lasting improvement, the kind where you can actually pin down the specific areas of improvement. NAD is always outstanding for the money, and improvements MAY cost more than they are worth, in terms of enjoyment. Again, I agree that you should listen around, but remember that "different" isn't always better or more enjoyable. The Music Hall IS a great player for the bucks and I would second Jim's recommendation for a listen. Also, if possible, check out some of the Musical Fidelity budget units -- they are excellent. I think it is very important that you take CD's with you that you know well and SURE to take a couple that are, say, too bright and too boomy -- take your best AND worst shots, because the new unit, for the additional bucks, should not just sound better on the audiophile stuff. It should also improve the poor-to-average CD's that you STILL enjoy listening to, or you will just be trading one set of flaws for another. You want to expand your catalog, it seems to me, not limit it. Good luck, Clifton.

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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player


I would add, "Hear, Hear" to Jim and Clifton's comments with one signifcant exception: Musical Fidelity electronics (amps, preamps) are GREAT but CD players, particularly the budget levels NOT SO MUCH. I ran one, happily, through the MF Tube buffer for a couple of years and then encountered vexing problems with the transport. Had it back to Rick Walker, Signalpath's head technician twice. Great guy and I think very competent, but the problems returned and I replaced the player. Michaelson got his start designing killer preamps, and I think the firm still sells the best for the money in electronics, but I'd shy away on their CD players - turntable too, for that matter.

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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player

I understand from a "reliable source" that the Rotel RDC-1072 ($700) is the best-sounding player for under $2500.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

Also, the RCD-1055 5-disc changer is supposed to be very good. Any comments?

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Re: Recommendation - NAD CD player

from what i remember (from nad and rotel of pre-2000) and from an old Nad 3020B which i still have,nad is sweeter sounding than Rotel and also less forward.

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