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recent surround sound purchases

Well, I got a couple of surround sound disc that I wanted to comment on. First, I got Mojo by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on Blu-Ray. The two channel is really killer on the higher rez, deep bass, clear mix, wonderful highs. The surround mix is interesting in that it is mostly atmospheric in the surrounds. It sounds like the space opens up, the reverb comes from behind and the sides, only occasional dramatic use of the surrounds, and I like that. I am not a huge fan of Petty, but I am enjoying this and bought it to support the idea of using blu-ray as a high resoloution medium.

The other recent purchase is the old quad mix of Paranoid!!!! This is hugely spotty and hugely fun. There is no telling where Ozzy will sing from, the side channels, the front, or even in the middle of my listening space! His voice gets the shorts a bit as I hear more guitar than anything else. Not that I am complaining too much. Sadly, not too much surround fun on Iron Man. A killer addition is a separate disc of most of the songs on the album stripped of the vocals. Now I enjoy Sabbath with Ozzy, but hearing the songs without the singing is a great way to hear the band. I absolutely defy you to hear War Pigs start up and keep from singing when there is no Ozzy. I was listening to this Wednesday night and the wife got so tired of me turning it up too loud that she confiscated the remote!!!!!! (The kids were trying to finish their homework, she was well within her rights as the responsible parent!)

It is funny, Mojo is a far better mix and recording, but so far the primitive and frankly gimmicky surround of Paranoid is more fun. I had to get the Paranoid as an import from Amazon, but I would do it again.

Anyone else hear these?


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